i promise , this is the last time i’ll promote them . ^^;;

KOR-STYLE ! http://kor-style.tumblr.com/
i swear , they’re posts are awesome i’ve fallen in love with them !
if you want styles from korea or you want to know how to get these styles (which i was told is coming soon) GO FOLLOW THEM !
every girl out there , needs to check them out . lol .

they’re not yet popular over tumblr , & they are struggling to get the word out so they asked me personally to help promote them .

if you could do the favor & reblog this post to help spread the word about kor-style , that’d be awesome .

okay , that’d be all . haha .

- prettypinkstars


- this picture was too pretty to over-edit . (:

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kor-style ! follow them , their posts are pretty . ^^

hey guys ,
i was just posting to say that you should follow http://kor-style.tumblr.com/ !
their blog consists of k-fashion ! i suggest you all go check it out !
please & thank you ~ ^^


my first time..


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